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Products & Services

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Receiving relevant early warning signals in time. Designing actionable and state-of-the-art early warning systems. Prioritising early warning signs.
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Producing data-driven analysis. Designing targeted policies and theories of change. Streamlining decision-making.
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Leveraging data, tech and artificial intelligence. Developing data-driven and automated solutions. Facilitating communities of practice, capacity building and resourcing of D4PS.
Advocacy & campaigns icon


Communicating your message. Reaching target audiences. Convincing decision-makers to take action.

About Us

Data for Peace and Security is a consultancy that contributes to a world in which conflicts of interests lead to progress and prosperity – instead of bloodshed and suffering. We therefore help you to build peace, to prevent violent conflicts and to protect people from harm. Our products and services include early warning, policy & analysis, innovation and advocacy. Recent clients included NATO, World Bank, African Union, ACLED, Cordaid and OAM.

Data for Peace and Security is founded by Bas Bijlsma. He has over 12 years of experience informing peacebuilding, international development and key decision-making processes. He worked in various high-level, high-stakes, and highly complex environments in the Global North and South.

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